30 Weird Toilets That Make You Ask, “What Were They Thinking?!?”.

Toilets That Make You Ask, "What Were They Thinking?!?".

Most of the time, we design our toilets with necessity in mind. Our bathrooms are usually designed with doing our business in comfort in mind, but sometimes, people get a bit too “creative” with weird toilet designs. Below are 30 weird toilets that just make you ask, “What were they thinking?!?”.

1. Fun With Friends

Funny toilet30

The designer of this place looks like he saw the limited amount of space and instead of making this a toilet designed for one user at a time, decided to let five people do their business all at the same time!

2. No Space, No problem

Funny toilet29

On the bright side, at least these urinals are facing away from each other, imagine if how it would be if they weren’t.

3. Bathroom Buddies

Funny toilet28

Sometimes, all we want to do while we’re on the toilet is have a good conversation, but those wretched walls are getting in the way. The designer of this toilet definitely had to have a conversation in mind when designing this toilet.

4. Bathroom Support

Funny toilet27

Don’t you just wish you had someone to hold your hand when you’re having a hard time?

5. Equal Urinals for Everyone

Funny toilet26

The designer of this toilet was at least considerate enough to take into account height differences.

6. Odd One Out

Funny toilet25

Science says that at least one in every three people are very different. Apparently the same goes for urinals.

7. Athlete’s Toilet

Funny toilet24

Ever wanted to play catch with your friend while doing your business? Well, now that dream is a reality.

8. Toilet for the Logical Thinkers

Funny toilet23

This toilet has to be designed for a chess match.

9. Don’t Look Away

Funny toilet22

Eye contact while on the toilet has now been made possible with this funny toilet!

10. Privacy?

Funny toilet21

This odd bathroom stall design is for those who want a false sense of privacy.

11. Peep-Hole

Funny toilet20

The instructions for this stall must have been, give me a booth that’s “semi-private.”

12. The Half-Stall

Funny toilet19

Don’t you just wish that you can see all the people walking into a bathroom while sitting on a toilet? Well, this funny toilet has got you covered!

13. Glass Doors?

Funny toilet18

As the saying goes, “those who sit in glass bathroom stalls shouldn’t throw stones.”

14. The Attic

Funny toilet17

Finally, a toilet with some breathing space!

15. Express Toilet

Funny toilet16

Forget about doors, sometimes we’re really just in a rush.

16. The Kitchen Toilet

Funny toilet15

With this design, it’s so much easier to take a break while washing the dishes.

17. The Stage

Funny toilet14

This was designed for the staging of the play, “Duty Calls.”

18. Stretch

Funny toilet13

It’s nice to know that there’s finally a bathroom stall for Mr. Fantastic.

19. Trust me, I’m an Engineer

Funny toilet12

The designer of this toilet must have been a master at problem-solving.

20. Support

Funny toilet11

Sometimes we all just need a wall to lean on…

21. Anti-Theft

Funny toilet10

Don’t forget to keep your toilet paper safe from thieves.

22. Stretch Part 2

Funny toilet09

Another toilet that Mr. Fantastic should enjoy.

23. No Space, No Problem

Funny toilet08

Don’t you just love how architects make use of limited space?

24. The Desk

Funny toilet07

With this funny toilet, you can finally finish that homework while on the John!

25. Green Thumb

Funny toilet06

Save water when flushing!

26. For the Thinner Folk

Funny toilet05

Don’t you just hate it when the toilet bowl is too big?

27. We’ll Cheer For You!

Funny toilet04

You’re always going to have support in this toilet.

28. Innovation

Funny toilet03

There’s nothing more inspiring than a multi-use toilet.

29. Topsy-Turvy

Funny toilet02

Someone must have been holding the design upside-down when building this.

30. Look Away!

Funny toilet01

At least the toilet isn’t facing the shower.

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