9 Fantastic Pasta Restaurants You Should Try in London

9 Fantastic Pasta Restaurants in London

London can be pretty busy and fast-paced. It can also be a full life, excitement, fun, and good food. Consisting of a combination of people from all backgrounds and different cultures, the mouthwatering and irresistible pasta dishes are what seals the deal; bringing all diversity at one single table.

At the heart of the city, you can easily find and sample these restaurants for your best pasta experience.

1. Padella-Borough Market

Padella-Borough Market
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Here you find an exceptional combination of sorts; from one of the most excellent pasta flavors and simple ingredients to excellent service and prices that are truly reasonable. Padella-Borough Market is a restaurant where you find good relaxing space while watching the chefs do their thing. The simple tomato spaghetti has a reassuring flavor, one that makes you never stop coming back for more; the addiction is real.

2. Wolf-Stoke Newington

Wolf-Stoke Newington
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The pasta menu at Wolf-Stoke Newington comprises of antipasti and primi which exudes a vibrant and unforgettable flavor. The fresh pasta is served with generous sauces which include beef-shin ragu, ricotta, as well as lemon and mint. The best thing with this restaurant is that their pasta is served in generous portions, and most often you leave the place feeling as if you are bursting at the seams.

3. Palatino

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Situated in London’s 7Central St, Palatino is a warm, relaxing place to enjoy your serving of pasta. First things first, you are welcomed with a wonderful portion of the mouthwatering Palatino spritz, followed by antipasti, which is an alluring combination of mortadella, ventricina, and prosciutto. This is topped up with fried courgette flower and honey vinegar. You climax this with their excellent pasta; if there’s more space in your tummy, there’s some tiramisu to complete the deal.

4. Pasta Evangelists

Pasta Evangelists
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Pasta Evangelists is a restaurant that caters for your pasta craving in every way you can imagine. What’s more, you do not have to leave your home; delivery is done at your doorstep. The artistically made fresh pasta comes with ith sauce and garnishes. The home delivery is topped up with meat from the famous and luxurious Ginger pig, all packed up in a cute chilled container. Furthermore, you get their step by step how-to instructions.

5. Burroe Salvia

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The most amazing, tasty and fresh pasta is to be found at Burroe Salvia. Accompanied by the best sauce ever, everything is made from fresh ingredients and exciting flavors. In addition, their service is also quick and friendly. You can never go wrong with your hunger and thirsts while this joint.

6. Vapiano

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This Italian restaurant Vapiano, hidden not far for Oxford circus, promises and offers some of the freshest and most delicious pasta out there. It is made, exactly the way you like it, yet affordable, too.

If you chance to be there, try out their combination of pasta with king prawns, topped up with spinach and cream. You are left wanting for more.

Vapiano is full of advantages; from their great pasta to friendly prices, you get to enjoy a great and relaxing venue as well.

7. Harrods Pizzeria

Harrods Pizzeria
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Harrods Pizzeria located on Brompton Road, this is a joint where you truly enjoy a special serving of pasta accompanied with delicious and thick vegetable soup. Their pink sauce is something to die for.

Despite the long queues, that becomes just but a minor inconvenience as you think of what’s in the package.

8. Signor Sassi

Signor Sassi
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If you are looking for really good and tasty pasta, Signor Sassi is the place to sample. The joint is situated at 14 Knightsbridge, and you get to devour some of the best and delicious calamari and carpaccio salad. The main course comprises penne arabiatta, lobster spaghetti, and the ever delicious ravioli sassi.

9. Luca-Clerkenwell

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Luca-Clerkenwell is a new joint, but with it comes what is referred to as the Britalian’ menu. It is a fusion of local ingredients with Italian staples and flavors. The best example is their Spaghettini combined with Morecambe Bay shrimp. Also, there is the incredible Garganelli with pork sausage, topped up with tomato soup and anchovy. The flavors are all well balanced, and you can’t hesitate in coming back again and again.

As you move around the city, pasta life is what makes life worth it. You can afford to miss and to sample some of these joints that promise the best experience for your palate. From their great ambiance, exceptional prices, to delicious and generous servings plus a lot more, this is what you expect to delight in, in London.

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