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12 Best Dog Breeds for Families with Young Children

Dog Breeds

What are the best canine breeds for families? This is frequently question asked when deciding to bring a new pet into your household.

It is a major decision and one not to be messed up with; there are a few factors to consider.

– How much will it cost to keep up a decent standard of living?

– Who else lives in your home, what different creatures do you have?

– How old are your children and would they say they are prepared for a canine?

A pooch is a magnificent addition to a house with children and youngsters can learn so much about caring for creatures and duty while having a considerable measure of fun en route, however it is a major obligation and not one to be messed with, so once you are certain you can give a canine all that it needs, you should find out the dog breeds that have the personalities to fit your kids.

1. Pugs

Dog Breeds

With their wavy tail and scrunched up little faces, these mutts are delightful, they are staggeringly great with children and love to play. These dogs appear to favor individuals to different creatures and are to a great degree social animals.

2. Collies

Dog Breeds

Maybe more broadly known as “Lassie Dogs,” these beautiful mutts are doing well with kids. They are benevolent and gentle however dynamic. Their coat should be brushed routinely to avoid tangling.

3. Bulldogs

Dog Breeds

These wrinkly little canines are likewise a decent alternative, they require insignificant exercise and are normally tolerant of youngsters. They are steadfast and continue ahead with different creatures yet ought not to be allowed to become fat.

4. Beagles

Dog Breeds

These pooches are perfect for a family who likes the outside and bunches of activities. Their coats are simple to take care of; they want to play with children and are sweet and amiable.

5. Shih Tzu

Dog Breeds

Originally utilized as companion canines, these little mutts are likewise great with youngsters, their long hair can be difficult to keep up however in the event that is kept as the pet, it may be maintained short. (Young doggie Cut)

They are exceptionally social pooches and love being with individuals.

6. Great Dane

Dog Breeds

Although exceptionally tall, these pooches are placid and mild-mannered, they are known for their patience around children and are to a great degree gentle.

7. Newfoundland

Dog Breeds

These mutts are eminent with children and are extremely kind and defensive. Known as “The Gentle Giant” or “Natures Babysitter,” these canines do have coats that require a lot of care and generally tend to drool however truly have a superbly sweet personality.

8. Golden Retriever

Dog Breeds

The customary family pooch and are totally gentle and quiet with children. They want to play, are extremely savvy and do well with a considerable measure of youngsters in the home. They relish taking retrieving and playing ball and require a ton of activities.

9. Labrador Retriever

Dog Breeds

One of the more mainstream family breeds. They have dazzling demeanors and are exceptionally insightful, they cherish playing outside and appreciate long strolls and exercise however on the off chance that these requirements are met, they are content enough to twist up with you and nap.

10. Poodle

Dog Breeds

The Poodle is an exceptionally smart canine and can come in 3 sizes (Standard, Toy, and Miniature). They are very simple to train and love their family. They additionally are perfect for those with hypersensitivities and their coat is simple to maintain.

11. Dalmatian

Dog Breeds

This dog is originally from Balkans, India and weighs 40-70 lbs and measures 20-24 inches in height. They like outdoor activities including playing and running. They are fighting dogs, hunting dogs, herding dogs, and even royal dogs.

12. Rottweiler

Dog Breeds

This dog has its origins from Germany and weighs 85-110 lbs and its height at 23-27 inches. It makes good use of its strong jaws and massive strength to protect whoever owns it. They take to not tolerating strangers and dogs of a different breed.

Knowing the personality of the most common dog breeds is your first step to having a peaceful and long-lasting relationship with your dog. Once you’ve established which dog breed fits your lifestyle and personality, it’d be much easier to narrow down.

As you can see, there are a lot of different shapes, sizes and breeds to pick from when choosing a dog for the family, now all you need to do is decide which one will fit in best in your household!

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