Best 3 Cities to visit During Halloween in US

Best Cities to visit During Halloween in US

During Halloween many looks to venture out and travel to other cities and experience Halloween celebrations from a different perspective. At home, one puts on their favorite Halloween costume, goes trick or treating, roams the streets at night or visits haunted houses. After some years, this becomes monotonous, and you start wondering how other people in other cities celebrate Halloween. No two cities are the same when it comes to Halloween. Each city has its own distinct Halloween culture that has people drawn from far and wide yearning to have a taste. If you are planning a Halloween trip but you are unsure as to which cities to visit, here are the best cities in the US you can consider.

Dallas, Texas

Dallas generally has very friendly temperatures experiencing summer-like weather when other cities are experiencing fall. With a population of over 1.3 million people, Dallas is full of life. The roads here are easily accessible the airports are modern and in plenty. Dallas is considered a melting pot of cultures with whites, Hispanics, Chinese, Indian, Jewish and Russians among other minority groups living together cohesively. This cultural diversity has had a significant impact in the Texas cuisine with Mexican food, barbecues and Tex-Mex cuisine taking center stage.

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In the month of October during Halloween, Dallas shows its other side with people attending private themed parties or marching with glow sticks in front of the Dallas Hall. There’s a wide variety of Halloween activities to leave a lasting impression in your mind. If you are working with a relatively tight budget but don’t want to sacrifice your Halloween experience, Dallas is the place to be. This city ranks top among cheapest places to be with food and accommodation present at the most affordable rates. In addition, there’s a wide array of Halloween activities suitable for all ages.

Portland, Oregon

Portland ranks 26th among most populous cities in the United States. This city has earned recognition numerous times for being one of the most environment cautious place in the world. People here love to stay active by walking, and cycling. They practice healthy farm to table eating and are known to take good care of their surroundings. The transport options available in Portland is extensive. There are numerous public parks, with a vast collection of roses explaining why Portland is also known as the city of roses’.

portland ghostly shanghai tunnels
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If you are looking to hang out with a more mature crowd this Halloween, you will love Portland. Portland city is a relatively low profile city during Halloween with very few to no instances of rowdy youth trashing houses or causing trouble along the streets. The ghostly shanghai tunnels are just one of the many family-friendly activities visitors can get to experience here during Halloween.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Located 6, 035 feet above sea level, Colorado Springs has a total of 300 days of good old sunshine. Characterized by mountainous lands and adorned by the Beulah Red Marble, there’s a unique aura covering this city, it’s like a breath of fresh air. If you’re thinking of going to Colorado Springs this Halloween, you’ll be delighted to find out what’s in store for you.

Colorado Springs
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The imperial hotel, Hotel St. Nicholas and The Haunted mines are a few of the many spooky places that are great to visit during Halloween. Characterized by paranormal activity against a background of dry, rocky, mountainous lands, and leafless trees, you’ll be lucky if you could still feel your legs when it’s time to head back home.

All the above cities, offer a variety of Halloween activities you will not find replicated in other cities. The climate and safety levels here are very friendly, especially during the night. There’s adequate infrastructure, whether you are traveling by air or by road, the ease of movement in the aforementioned cities is commendably uncomplicated.

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