8 Best Burger Joints to Visit in London

Apart from being one of the most visited and vibrant cities of the world, London is also renowned for some of the best burger restaurants.

There is always something for everyone when it comes to these burger joints. As you sneak and search, here are some of the best and most acknowledged burger restaurants to be found in London.

1. Dip and Flip Burger

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This famous restaurant has its branches in Wimbledon, Tooting, Battersea, and Brixton. You keep coming back once you get a taste of their burger.

Always accompanied with the addition of gravy; their cheeseburger has the best roast beef ever and topped up with a patty melt.

The queues are ever long, yet their service is incredibly quick and efficient. You also get to enjoy good music as you wait for your turn to be served.

2. Honest Burgers

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The best beef burgers with spicy sauce can be found at this here. But it’s not just that. You are assured of excellent and personable service that leaves you impressed, and longing to come back. Their beef, seasoned with salt and pepper is 100% ground chuck. Too clean to be true, you are in for a relaxed and sparkling atmosphere as you enjoy your treasured delicacy.

3. Meat and Shake

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The ambiance is not only great; they have everything for all burger lovers. Their cheeseburger stimulates all your palate senses with a pleasant surprise. And the best part, they offer you lots of free toppings.

The beef comes well flavored. The design of the overall burger is incredible, with chili rolling down the sides. What makes it a winner though is the whole combination and exquisite arrangement of burger, chili with a generous spread of cheese and jalapenos. The taste of it lingers in the mouth and keeps you coming back for more.


4. Patty and Pun

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If you are one of those types that care for excellent service and quality food, you are in luck. Patty and Pun are known for some of the most delicious burgers you could ever find. With tremendous music going on in the background, you won’t notice the queue and crowds at all. Making an effort to get there as early as you can help to beat the crowds too.

5. Dirty Burger


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You get to have the best bun there is, both shiny and soft at Dirty burger. Besides, you have free toppings and as much as you liked and spiced with affordable prices.

With an atmosphere that is hassle-free, you just walk in and out, and the queues are not that bad. Their services also incredible and you impressed by the whole comforting nature of the surroundings.

6. Mac and Wild

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Besides the warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere, this restaurant, one thing stands out. You come face to face with some of the juiciest and delicious burgers out there, and they are topped up with chili.

Although the restaurant is generally small in size and can be quite packed at times, you still get to be attended to as quickly; their service is excellent and worth coming back to.

7. Boom Burger

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At this Jamaican burger joint, you get the best in both in music and burgers. The staffs go out of their way to make you have a feel of Jamaica. Their burgers have a great fusion of the flavors that are real Jamaican. The decorations create a sense of warmth and belonging.

8. Prime Burger

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This is a burger joint that has impeccable service that is fast and well organized. You also get to enjoy really yummy burgers that come with garlic fries and lots of free toppings, which most often turn out to be a sweet and refreshing treat.

The place tends to be packed, but you get value for your money with quick service and the best burgers in the world.

If you are in London and looking to have a great and authentic burger, do not hesitate to check out these restaurants. From great service to the fantastic delicacy that is their burgers, you are definitely in good hands.

The best part is that some of these establishments come with free and unlimited toppings as well as generous amounts of gravy to go along with the burgers. The choice remains yours though.

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